the big cheesy: grilled cheese tasting

The highlight of last week was certainly The Big Cheesy. It’s a grilled cheese competition where some of the best NYC sandwich makers face-off and stand judged by foodie New Yorkers’ critical pallets.

We were greeted with some local Sixpoint beers to accompany our sampling. I had the Crisp, Ryan had the Sweetaction.

Here’s a sample of what was on some of the menus.

Say Cheese took second place with their French Onion grilled cheese and their S’more sandwich. They told us to “squeeze and bite” into it.

Murray’s Cheese Bar had a pretty good sandwich, especially paired with the smoky tomato soup. They also serve Sweetgrass Dairy’s Greenhill cheese! It was my favorite local cheese from Tallahassee, and perhaps, all time.

Melt Shop (bottom left) won the competition with their bacon, cheddar, and cranberry-onion chutney sandwich. Since I don’t eat meat, I wasn’t able to try this one. Lucy’s Whey (right) served up a cheddar, apple, and ham grilled cheese. I had one without the ham.

The Sons of Essex won third place with their truffle grilled cheese with arugula.

big cheesy

My favorite was ‘wichcraft’s fontina and mushroom grilled cheese. It was a great cheese and they had the best bread. Their non-vegetarian option was fontina and pulled pork. They won my vote. They also gave me a free sandwich for signing up for their mailing list. So, they’re great.

I was so inspired by all of the different combinations of grilled cheese. It never got boring. Each sandwich was completely unique and they were all incredible. We left feeling totally stuffed. Who knew sampling grilled cheeses for an hour could be so filling? 

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