sunday catch up

I haven’t been blogging much and it’s making me very sad. After our move to New York, I expected to be settled much faster than this. Or maybe this transition has been quick, and I’m just impatient. After all, it will only be three months tomorrow. The kitchen in the room I’m renting isn’t great for cooking. And the closest craft stores are expensive, 35 minutes away, and only sell specialty stuff like yarn or paper. I’m looking at craft supplies online, but it’s not the same as waking into a Michael’s.

Sometimes, it seems impossible to do the things I love. Baking, crafting, camping, and equestrian. I had my first, and last, riding lesson in the city. It was a pretty awful experience. So now, I’m looking to ride somewhere in New Jersey, but that requires a car. I’m exploring those options and, hopefully, I’ll be riding again by Autumn.

Maybe I need to love new things in this new city. But where does that leave this blog? And where does that leave me?

Not all is hopeless. I am baking donuts as I write this. And I finally signed a lease in a dream apartment. It has a huge kitchen, two pantries, and a dining room. So, my days of entertaining and baking are close. And I can finally get my cats back, although, it might break my heart to take them away from Ryan. They’re so sweet to each other.

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