the weekender 2/15/2013

rosesHappy weekend friends. Last night Ryan and I got tacos and champagne margaritas at Chavelas and finished off our night with banana cream filled churros and chocolate dipping sauce. It was incredible. Margaritas are my favorite drink, even in winter. I am always on the lookout for a great margarita.

Tonight we’re heading to Columbia for a lecture on the Higgs Boson and some stargazing. Yep, we’re total nerds. Are you doing anything exciting this weekend?  Keep a look out for meteors and asteroids.

Goat yelling like humans. Completely absurd and I laughed so hard.

This photo of the sun is incredible.

The singers from Little Joy and from Moldy Peaches have teamed up. It’s good.

Perfect curly hair how-to. Sigh.

Nutella Cream Cheese Frosting. Holy yum! (I’m sorry I did this to you.)

Remember how much I love kale chips? Here are 10 ways to flavor them up.

And finally, 13 Moments when Betty Draper didn’t give a f*ck. Too excellent. Read it twice.

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