happy valentine’s day

Vintage Cowboy Card & lots of other vintage cards 

Happy Valentine’s Day! How cute is it to look out the window and seeing everyone carrying flowers, chocolates, or balloons?

Ryan and I will probably celebrate this weekend by doing something ultra-touristy. Tonight we have plans to eat fried-avocado tacos and watch junky sci-fi television. What a perfect night. Do we have class or what?

Really our greatest gift for Valentine’s Day was getting internet in our apartment. So I’m back up and running. Since all of my kitchen and craft items are in storage, I guess I’ll just share some of my favorite valentine’s-themed things:

The funniest Arrested Development Valentine’s Cards.

Speaking of, I’m having a love affair with this heart-shaped ice cream sandwich.

Valentine’s Day S’mores gift.

D.I.Y. heart-shaped sugar cubes for your tea

10 great books about love.

Nerd Valentine is perfect.

The prettiest D.I.Y. A wall of paper hearts.

and did you see google today?

Whether you’re coupled or not, celebrating or abstaining, I hope everyone has a wonderful day.


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