catching up: lunar new year and sledding

I’ve been in New York for more than a month and thought I’d share some photos of our fun times. lunar new year Ryan and I made our way down to Chinatown for the Lunar New Year parade. There was tons of confetti flying in the air and a lot of ornately decorated floats. Also, it was packed, meaning, there were moments I was afraid I was going to be smushed. So, the whole day was quite the experience. Also, I went sledding for the first time! Ryan and I went to Ft. Greene park after the Nemo snowfall. It was a blast. Here I am looking like a total dweeb. Why do I willingly humiliate myself? Making sure I don’t hit any children… And there I go… Sledding is pretty scary. Ryan and I didn’t even go down the big hills. Adults gain momentum pretty quickly and it was likely we’d end up in the road.

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