the weekender, New York edition 1/18

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In honor of living in a big city and a small space, I’ve rounded up some of links just for you, New Yorkers (that’s me!).

3-in-one breakfast stations, portable laundry machines, and counter top dishwashers. I swoon at these small space solutions.

I am so ready to nerd out at the Museum of Mathematics.

I could spend hours looking at the American Museum of Natural History’s flickr.

Make your friends believe you have a sixth sense of knowing where the subway doors will open by using this (gross) trick.

30 vegetarian sandwiches done right. Can’t wait.

Also, the best dive bars in NYC followed up with the best hangover foods.

p.s. my favorite things about New York so far:

Water is immediately offered at  every restaurant.
No iceberg lettuce. Every salad I’ve had has legitimate greens.
Stinky cheese and sharp cheddar in abundance.
Hot water in all bathroom faucets. What?! In Florida, this never happens.

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