new york: one week anniversary

Ryan and I celebrated our one week anniversary in New York with my first snowfall. I’ve seen snow maybe one and a half times ever. And I certainly haven’t seen it falling from the sky. I was so excited about it, I took photos from our bedroom window in my pajamas.



The snow only lasted a few minutes and it was completely gone by the time the sun came up. Maybe I’ll regret saying this later, but I can’t wait for the first downpour.

I’ve spent this week walking around the city and eating copious amounts of bagels, cupcakes, and pizza.

Oh god, the cupcakes! I ate n them two days in a row. At least I’m walking it off, right?

Manhattan and Brooklyn are filled with such beautiful things (and people!).

Fort Greene Whale

Fort Green Right Whale

Coca Cola Bottles

Cage and Bottles

Look! A wall full of cookie cutters! Be still my heart.

Cookie Cutters

Brooklyn has a surprising amount of greenery. The apartment I’m staying in is right next to Fort Greene Park, so I get to walk through it daily.Fort Greene Park

Every day I find more favorite things about New York. Today it was using kale as a decorative plant.

kale plants

And how there are flowers at every market. I imagine all the houses are filled with fresh flowers and like to fantasize that lovers randomly stop at the markets to bring home bouquets to their partners.


Also on my list of favorite things: a four-story tall Designer Shoe Warehouse.

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