make a pomegranate martini

pomegranate martini

I’m just getting classier by the minute living here in NY. You know, sitting here watching Pawn Stars and sipping on pomegranate martinis.

I’ve wanted to do drinks on this blog for a while, but I don’t usually have a stocked liquor cabinet. Fortunately, my new roomie Felicite has that covered.


You will need: pomegrante juice, vodka, lemon juice (not pictured), pomegranate seeds, and ice

1 part vodka
1 part pomegranate juice
1/4 part lemon juice

We used 2 shots of vodka, 2 shots of pomegranate juice, and half a shot of lemon juice. I’ll be honest, I thought it was a pretty strong drink, but you could always do 1 shot of vodka, 2 shots of pomegranate, and 1/4 shot of lemon juice.

Combine the juices and vodka in a shaker. Lightly shake, or stir, and pour over pomegranate seeds.


Tip: put ice in your cups to chill them before you pour the juice in.

The best is biting into the vodka soaked pomegranate seeds.

How perfect would this be for Valentine’s Day? Happy drinking!

Pomegranate martini


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