fried eggplant egg sandwiches

With Ryan, it feels like every night is date night. Even when we do the stupidest stuff, like make sandwiches for dinner and watch Mad Men. It’s an instant date and we don’t even have to leave the house. Honestly, it’s my favorite type of date. And yes, I am a boring grandma.

fried eggplant egg sandwiches

Last night, we accidentally made these sandwiches. The original intention was to make some type of fried eggplant sandwich. But we were out of most condiments and toppings, so we improvised.

We fried the leftover egg from battering the eggplant and added it to the sandwich. You know, fried eggplant and fried egg…we might as well.


This sandwich quite possibly changed my life.

ingredients (from top down):
toasted hoagie
abundant slathering of goat cheese
fried egg
panko fried eggplant

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