CSA haul {6/2}

The CSA bounty has been outstanding lately. We renewed our share for the summer crops.  This was our last week’s CSA.

This week’s grab was red and green: tomatoes, red potatoes, strawberries, zucchini, basil, and green beans. Carrots were thrown into this bag, and a weird zucchini/yellow squash hybrid. I picked up some peaches, because I can’t resist.

Ryan and I have been really good about eating all of our vegetables from the CSA. The green beans are the hardest to finish. We’re actually not sure what type of beans they are. How sad is that? They look like peas, but we eat them like green beans. Having a share has really challenged our culinary and gastronomic interests.

salted cucumbers In our last CSA, we received pounds of cucumbers. I made this cucumber salad recipe with it and did not regret it. I brought it to a potluck and my friends inhaled it. I used my iPhone to take a shot of me salting the cucumbers.

Sometimes things just come together, like this perfect pairing of CSA veggies.

italian veggies

I practically threw it all in a food processor and then in a pot to make pasta sauce.

veggie pasta

I won’t share this recipe with you, because no matter how hard I try, I can never make my homemade pasta taste as good as the jarred stuff. Do you have any thoughts on how I can improve? My friends advised me to use tomato paste.

4 thoughts on “CSA haul {6/2}

  1. That sauce looks pretty good to me! What I’ve learned is that the most important part of making a tomato sauce is using good tomatoes! Then you have to make sure to cook it slow and low. Those Italian Nonnas will simmer a sauce all day Sunday!

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