csa haul {6/16}

CSA Vegetables

It was a small haul this week, but holy cow, do I have so many tomatoes.

I might try this yellow tomato sauce recipe. Our CSA had about double the yellow tomatoes above, I just didn’t photograph them.

That long root vegetable in the back is green garlic. They’re supposed to be sweeter and grassier than regular garlic. The long stalks can be used like a leek, so I’m thinking of making some type of garlicky leek soup.

Each week I end up freezing most of my basil. I can’t seem to eat all of it.

Do you know how to store fresh basil? Place a bunch of basil in a short jar or cup and let the stems rest in some water. Leave the jar in a sunny spot in your kitchen. Don’t get the  leaves wet. It will last for more than a week if it’s fresh.



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