Easter egg hunt! {a roundup}

I’m trying to convince my friends to let me host an Easter egg hunt for adults. I live in a place that mostly resembles Ewok Village, and it would be the best for hiding eggs. My friends are not entirely sold on the idea, but maybe if I throw in some booze and an endless supply of egg salad sandwiches, I can get them to join in.

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite Easter egg decorating ideas.

Bluebird Egg from Reader’s Digest via The Decorated Cookie

Crocheted Easter Eggs from Mom On Timeout

Temporary Tattooed Easter Eggs via SwissMiss

And these are my absolute favorite.

embroidered eggsEmbroidered Eggs from Design Sponge

Also, last year’s Easter Egg roundup.

And these Cadbury Cream Egg Cookie Cups. I died. No, really.

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