apalachicola was so good to us

Sigh. Why did our weekend in Apalachicola have to end? My friends and I rented a condo by the bay and spent most of our time inebriated reveling in the charm of this ‘old Florida town.’

Why do sleepovers disappear once we grow up? Waking up next to my friends is the best, and not just because of their morning cocktail skills, but because they remember to buy pickled green bean stirrers.

bloody mary

I made my favorite banana pancake recipe for them. <3

Our condo came with bikes, so naturally we took to the town (which couldn’t have been larger than a square mile).



Apalachicola has a large art scene. There are quite a few galleries and displays of local artists are everywhere. My favorite were the garden decor and sculptures.

sculpted fish

sculpted chickens

This town had, you know…priorities.

liquor potter

And so did we. I had my first push pop.

push pops

Bought these awesome under-the-sea sprinkles!

sharks sprinkles

And made sure to take plenty of photos with tacky 90’s girl-power bumper stickers.

chicks rule

I love the coconut candle display in the background.

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