it’s not too late: last minute new year’s resolutions

We’re only two weeks into the new year. Maybe you’re sick of hearing about resolutions. Maybe they’re passé and maybe everyone has given up. But here are some last minute resolutions that are easy to incorporate into your life. Plus, they’re completely achievable.

Plan a menu for the week and stick to it. Plan it on Sunday, then do all of your shopping and cooking. You’ll never be thinking, what am I going to eat today?

Keep a current resume and carry a business card at all times. You never know who will ask you for one.

Open a retirement account. I know most of my friends don’t have retirement accounts and it scares me. Start saving folks!

Only buy clothes that fit. Stop spending money on something that doesn’t look perfect on you.

Mend your clothes. If you have a nice pair of jeans that are a bit too long and you never wear them because of that reason, drop the $20 to get them altered. Else, they’re just collecting dust in your closet. Or mend them yourself!

Make sure your financial accounts are working hard for you. If not, switch. I recently switched to an Ally interest checking account and savings accounts. They have the best interest rate (hello, interest checking!). Every savings account I have has lowered its interest rate this year. Also, make sure you’re not being charged outrageous interest by your credit card company. Call and see if they’ll lower it. If not, think about switching.

Take someone special out to dinner. This is an easy one. It’s always nice to make someone’s day.

Upgrade your pet’s life. Set a resolution for your cat or dog. Make them happier. I just resolved to spend more time playing with my cats. They think it’s a good resolution.

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