how not to ruin your nonstick pan

Did you catch this NY times article posted last year? I stumbled across it when I was Googling why my Teflon pan was sticky. It turns out that I’m doing everything wrong.


Why I don’t deserve nice things (or at least, nonstick cooking pans):

1. I didn’t season my pan.
2.  I use PAM cooking spray
3. Sometimes I don’t use any cooking spray.
4. I put my nonstick pan in my dishwasher. all. the. time.
5. I cook with my Teflon pan on high heat. all. the. time.

If you don’t feel like reading the article about how to care for your nonstick pan, just don’t do the things above. And don’t use metal utensils in your pan.

I think I’m going to have to start over with mine. The sticky, dark coating is burning everything I cook. At least the article says most nonstick pans have lifespans of less than five years. So I’m feeling a little better about this.

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