perfect sunday brunch

This Sunday, my good friend came over for an impromptu brunch. Where I made this:


An over-easy egg with polenta grits and sauteed shallots. Holy hell, these were good. I can’t wait until next weekend so I can make them again. Recipe from Big Girls, Small Kitchen.

We also ate these dipped in chicory coffee,

banana cookies

with some of this,


while we watched a couple of episodes of this.


I’ve decided brunch might possibly be the best thing.

I also put out an herbal sun tea on Sunday.

sun tea

I added a whole bunch of mint, two lemon rinds and some blueberries to a gallon of water.

sun tea

Place it in the sun and eight hours later I had a refreshing drink. Sadly, the blueberries didn’t add as much flavor as I’d hoped, but it’s still great tasting water.

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