cheesy zucchini and squash pizza

There’s no denying it. Pizza is my favorite thing to eat and to make. It’s easy and, best of all, forgiving. So when I set out to make Smitten Kitchen’s Lemony Zucchini Goat Cheese Pizza, and the boyfriend sort of freaked out (“There’s no sauce?” “You’re using goat cheese? What about Mozzarella?”), I was able to adapt it, and the pizza gods gave me their blessing.

Cheesy Zucchini and Squash Pizza
(adapted from Smitten Kitchen’s Lemony Zucchini Goat Cheese Pizza)

(sorry for the awful pictures, we ate 1/2 the pizza before I thought to snap a few photos)

Stuff you’ll need:

-Pizza Dough. I used Smitten Kitchen’s, which is fantastic, or you can buy some at the store.
-4 oz. goat cheese
– 2 Tbs pesto. I bought some at the store
-1 lg. zucchini
-1 lg. yellow squash
-1 Tbs. olive oil
-Salt & Pepper
-6 oz. shredded mozzarella cheese

Do it:

-Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
-Roll out the pizza dough. If you’re using the SK recipe above, I’d double it. The crust was small (appx. 10 inches), so keep that in mind if you’re feeding a lot of people.
– Place dough on pizza stone, or in our case an aluminum lined baking sheet. (square pizza!) Instead of putting flour underneath the crust, I used cornmeal, which worked excellent.
-Combine goat cheese and pesto to create a flavorful base, spread on crust.
-Slice the squash and zucchini into very thin pieces (appx. 1/8th an inch) and layer on the pizza.
-Drizzle it with olive oil. I didn’t measure this, but it was probably about a tablespoon.
-Sprinkle with sea salt and black pepper.
-Cover with fresh grated mozzarella cheese.
-Pop it in the oven for 15 minutes at 400 degrees or until cheese is bubbly and crust is slightly browned.


The goat cheese/pesto combination makes a great “sauce.”

Make your own crust, it’s perfect. I tried to spread a tiny bit of pesto on the crust to give it some flavor, but it really didn’t need any tweaking.

And next time, I’d like to forget the mozzarella and add a stinky cheese. Are there rules to mixing cheeses? Mixing sharp and stinky cheeses? Is that like stripes and plaids? I have no class.

Either way, this thing was delicious.

Happy cooking!

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  1. Goat cheese is a new love of mine! I just tried it for the first time about a month ago.
    About First Friday. I love Lucy & Leo’s but last night both the cake and the frosting were off. My cake was overcooked I think. I tried the Street Chefs which was just so-so. I’m excited to go back and try other trucks. It just had a really nice atmosphere.

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