bust a move

A lot of these pictures came out dark, so I experimented with some photo effects.

We perused the beer aisle of our favorite liquor store last weekend. It’s near the college campus, so we rarely visit it.

beer aisle

I love the colors.

beer aisle

These bottles would make pretty vases. Don’t you think?


This week a good friend of mine taught me how to make some jam with all of those blueberries. It was way yum-o! Sorry no pictures.

Then we had a tasty potluck followed by one of the highlights of my summer.

skate inn

That’s right. I was so excited about a visit to the skating rink, I took a picture from the car.

How great is this sign?

skate inn

Gorgeous. The whole place sort of reeked with a failed 90’s party, which made it way better.

Case 1:


I asked if they had any prettier shoes and got the stink eye. Ok, mister, jeeze.

Complete with disco ball.

disco ball

There was certainly a fondness for the rink’s glory days.

90s award

It’s probably been twelve years since I’ve roller skated. It wipes you out. Oh, and I’m totally awful at it. My friend had to hold my hand pretty much the entire time. That doesn’t make it any less fun, though. They don’t tell you that the hardest part of skating is avoiding the children spilling out and busting bones right in front of you. I still don’t know how to brake in skates.

Regardless, it brought back my fondness for this song, which was one of my favorite Beach Boys songs.

Tallahassee has two skating rinks. I hear the other one has beer and square-shaped pizzas. We’re in. By the end of the summer, you bet we’ll be roller skating queens.

Turns out, the music doesn’t change much in roller rinks.

Have a good Monday, folks.

4 thoughts on “bust a move

  1. I broke my arm at that skating rink when I was 7. Didn’t slow me down, though. Kept going, even with my little purple cast on.

    Doesn’t look like they’ve gotten new skates since I was a kid, either. Do they still have all of the retro gaming machines? Does the snack bar still smell of stale nachos?

  2. (Oh, and lemme tell ya, the late 80s weren’t that place’s glory days, either. It’s always been run-down. OH GOD DO THE BATHROOMS STILL HAVE AWESOME GRAFFITI?)

    1. Haha. Well, it doesn’t look like the snack bar is was open. No food, but I did see gaming machines. Yes, the skates were really old. And I didn’t go into the bathroom, for fear of all of the terrible things that skating into a bathroom could produce.

      1. The bathrooms in that place put the All Saints to shame. Not only was the graffiti more obscene, but also much more illiterate. The words I learned from the bathroom wall at the skating rink…

        Good times, good times.

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