blueberry picking summer fun

Ryan and I took a trip outside of town at 9 a.m. on Saturday morning to pick some blueberries. We got a little turned around, and when I saw these lovely fellas sitting by the side of the road I made him stop so we could ask them for directions, pet them!, take photos.

I’m such a dopey animal lover. I love that their noses are covered in dirt. Also, hello, baby!

We made it to the farm where we started picking. They were $3.50 a pound. What a steal.

blueberry picking


The under-ripe berries had the prettiest colors.


It was a pesticide-free farm, so we had a few little creatures join

wormI thoroughly inspected each berry before I bit into it.


In the end, we walked out with about 5 lbs of berries.  Maybe we went a little overboard. We’ve been eating them like candy and trying to find creative ways to use them. We’re hoping we don’t have to freeze them.

So I made this cobbler.


I used this recipe, which I don’t recommend. It was way too buttery and less crumbly. Later this week I’m making blueberry jam. I also plan to dehydrate some, since dehydrated blueberries are the best. Do you have any suggestions for blueberries?

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