easter egg fun

I just love the idea of using real eggs instead of plastic ones. Don’t you?

Like these decoupaged eggs filled with jelly beans.

It comes with a tutorial from Say Yes! to Hoboken.

Or this tasty and beautiful egg craft from Not Martha, she shows you how to do them.

They’re a hollow chocolate and cream shell that you can fill with goodies. The best part must be cracking open the egg to expose the chocolate. What a weird experience to crack a real egg and find chocolate inside.

When you’re done you can put them in this cute thing:

It’s a crocheted Easter Basket from the Crunchy Catholic Momma. It comes with a pattern, and this basket looks well worth replicating.

Oh, hey. You’re going to want to check these out.

Homemade Cadbury Creme Eggs. Yep. That about says it all.

5 thoughts on “easter egg fun

    1. What I’d like to see is a recipe for the caramel filled Cadbury eggs. But I bet it’s not that hard to melt some caramel. I hope they taste the same too. Thanks for reading!

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