throw out fifty things: day 4

Today’s room was the closet. Fortunately, I purge my closet at least twice a year to make space for my budget-crippling clothing addiction. While I did take some of this stuff from the closet, it mostly came from my dresser, which is usually a purgatory for clothing before it gets put in a goodwill bag. I never even open the bottom two drawers of my three-tired dresser, since I know it’s all storage. However, this nice little purge left me with an empty drawer! I finally have a place to put my gym clothes, which normally stay folded on my book shelf.

Let’s count this pile as ten items. This pile has:

  • Three pairs of shoes.
  • Two purses
  • A robe
  • At least four male undershirts from ex boyfriends and roommates. I went through a phase of stealing their shirts.
  • A robe
  • Yucky clothes I’ll never wear
  • Old work uniforms from my days in the restaurant industry
  • Clothes my sister has left at my house

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