throw out 50 things: day 3

I didn’t forget about this challenge. I just forgot to post the pictures.

Today’s room is the bedroom.

20. Computer cords – don’t use
21. University poetry books – don’t need
22. Paper ring fasteners – don’t use
23. Blank cassette tape for making mixed tapes (yeah!) – don’t use
24. Found the cases to the cameras I recycled in day two – don’t need
25.  A big speaker – don’t use
26. A lamp with a funny shaped light bulb. The bulb died years ago and I still haven’t replaced it, but kept it around for such a long time. This was a much needed purge. – don’t use
27. Bathrobe – don’t use
28. Cute, but uncomfortable shoes – don’t use
29. Old notebooks from my university days – don’t need
30. An instruction manual for an electronic device I no longer have – don’t need

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