new orleans day 4: last day

On our final day we headed over to the insectarium. Where we looked at bugs for two hours.

And where Ryan ate bugs, because he’s gross.

Actually, because I made him, so I could blog about it.

But he was being tricky and wouldn’t pose. So all of the pictures came out blurry, like this one.

So I could only give you pictures of the food.

The insectarium has a live butterfly room, which is terrifying. They fly around and can land on you without a moment’s notice. I didn’t take pictures. I was too busy running for cover. The woman working was sure to remind me that butterflies are completely harmless to humans. Tell that to the heart attack I almost had.

Also, butterflies like to eat eggplant. There were slices of eggplant on serving dishes and the butterflies piled high on top of them.

We had to check out of the hotel, but we stopped by the Garden District before we left. We just went for lunch, but I really regret not spending a whole day there. We chowed down at Cafe Abyssinia, an Ethiopian restaurant.

Yeah, it was delicious. You eat it with your hands. Tallahassee doesn’t have Ethiopian food, so whenever I leave town I always seek it out.

Do yourself a favor, and if you’ve never had Ethiopian food, go out and try it. There’s nothing to be afraid of. And if your town doesn’t have any, just try something different. Swear off the chain restaurants (Chili’s, Pizza Huts, Subways) and American Grill-style food and try your local Indian, Middle Eastern, Vegetarian, Asian, whatever, as long as it’s ethnic and you’ve never tried it before.

Boring people eat boring food.

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