new orleans day 1

For a birthday / anniversary present, that darling boy of mine took me to New Orleans. Yesterday, we explored the French Quarter. Here are some snapshots.

We found this parade of cuties in a junk shop.

We stumbled on one of Bevlolo Gas & Electric Lights famous stores. I felt awkward taking pictures of their lights inside, but you should check out their website for their gallery. I did manage to take a serene shot of their courtyard, which features one of their works.

Then on to the French Market where we picked up this yum at the Organic Banana.

It’s called the dirty banana.

It was heaven. But they didn’t tell you it was topped off with black pepper – a very strange combination. I couldn’t get used to the drinking in public bit. Everywhere people were carrying beers and over-sized neon cups and every bar I ordered asked if I wanted my drink  “to go.” Also, I paid $11.50 for a mixed drink last night (not including tip), which has topped the most I’ve ever spent on a drink. In my defense, the menu didn’t have a price.

Other stops included the aquarium, Decatur & Royal street, fantastic African food, and the old U.S. Mint.

Also, New Orleans is filled with tacky and tasteless shirts, or in this case, an apron.

Hello inappropriate.

We’re stopping by Canal St. and Bourbon St. today. Let me know if you have any suggestions for places to go.

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