first professional cake and cake balls

I made my first cake for a real event – meaning, not a friend’s party, but a professional one. I’m an event planner for our college and we’re always buying cakes, but my boss said if I’d like to practice decorating, I can make them. I made this one over the weekend.

Cake decorating is not for the faint of heart. Because of a few mishaps, this took a long time. And I held my breath through the entire spelling of “Congratulations.” Then I became lightheaded.

I used a frosting recipe found here. It was a perfect recipe and a major reason for the success of the cake. It was easy to work with and didn’t melt.

The cake was another story. I really am an amateur at boxed cake mixes. They have a mind of their own and defy all laws of baking. The yellow cake had pudding in it, which I completely recommend against. It undercooked, but only in a particular spot. I didn’t notice until I cut off the top of the layer. I put it back in the over for at least 20 minutes, where I risked drying out the rest of the cake. Once baked and cooled, the yellow cake created this weird film (similar to stuff found in pudding) and it stuck to everything, including wax paper. Boxed cake mixes are 1. disgusting and 2. always have holes in the cake (what is with that?).

Maybe I’m just annoyed because I broke a layer. The boyfriend heard me pouting over the broken cake and quickly came over to take a slice, thanking the cake gods for this fortuitous event.

I used the broken layer to make cake balls.

Recipe via Bakerella. I’ve made these tons of times and the experience has paid off. This is probably the prettiest batch. I would really like to find a substitute for the can of frosting you add to these. Any suggestions?

cake ball

It was a marble cake, which looks more chocolate once crumbled and mixed.

Oh, and the cake was a hit. The boxed cake recipe and frosting made a delicious combination. I’m pretty sure no one noticed it was “homemade.”

2 thoughts on “first professional cake and cake balls

  1. Oh so pretty! You’re talented. And I can see my images, so I’m not sure why they aren’t working. Sad day! Let me know if they never come back, and thank you for telling me! I appreciate it. Have a good day! xo

  2. I use my own frosting from scratch for the cake ball recipe, much like the one you found on I am Baker. Ever since I learned how to make frosting from scratch the tub kind has no appeal! Great job on the cake, I recently took a class and it is so much harder than it looks.

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