vegetarian tofu butter chicken

I was feeling a little inspired last night and decided to make one of my boyfriend’s favorite Indian dishes – butter chicken. Except I made a vegetarian version.

It turned out so great. I barely remembered to snap a picture right before he had seconds.



I used The Pioneer Woman’s recipe for Butter Chicken, but made some changes.

The most obvious change was marinated tofu and some gardein vegetarian chicken patties. Honestly, I preferred the taste of the tofu to the veggie chicken anyway [although gardein products are fantastic]. I added a lot more spice, basically tripled whatever spices she recommended. I also added a lot of curry and turmeric. Her recipe also called for a pint of cream, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. So I only used like 1/2 a cup. It turned out fantastic, and highly recommend the recipe. I still think one of the most important parts of cooking is a good recipe. Also, this is very easy. I’d even suggest it for beginners.

Happy cooking.

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