valentine’s day already?

Well, I guess it’s a month away. I am hyped to share some not so average cards with you. They’re all handmade, so less Hallmark-consumer stuff.

Free download of these at Bunny Cakes.

The one thing I’d like to see more than an otter is a cupcake.

via erinaellis

I swear one day I’ll do a romantic hot air balloon ride.

from twoguitars

Because I freaking love dinosaurs!

from OrangeTwist

For the cynic.

from JulieAnnA

This whale in the clouds is so pretty.

by LittleBeaStudio

Ah! What’s to say? I llove llamas!

by papermenagerie

And finally this one…

I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw it. It’s like someone has been listening to my conversations. Is this too much? Cheese alert. The beau and I don’t say “I love you.” Instead we saw “Olive You.” I guess we’re not so original.

from TheMadStamper


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