throw out fifty things: day 1

My life is too cluttered. So, I’ve been inspired by Jess‘ post for throwing out 50 things. Over the next few days I’ll go through every room in my house and find 50 things to part with. They’re just things right? Also, I vow to throw them out responsibly, which means, recycling electronics, giving to second-hand stores, etc.

I started in my kitchen, which is huge, but still has no space.

1. Broken Container: Don’t need: used to hold Splenda packets, but I’ve given it up.
2. Book of Cookie Recipes: Don’t use: has terrible recipes, I sort of feel bad for donating it.
3. Napkin Holder: Don’t use: I don’t use napkins.
4. Aluminum Water Bottle: Don’t use.
5. Expired Vitamins: Don’t use/need.
6. Salt & Pepper Shakers: Don’t use. One’s missing a stopper at the bottom.
7. Penis-shaped cake pan: Don’t use. An embarrassing gag-gift from college. I’m convinced I’ll never use this again. Also, I’m not sure if I should donate this or chuck it. Thoughts?
8. Cat dish: Don’t use. Missing a bowl. Very obnoxious dish.
9. Blueberry flavored coffee: Don’t use. Absolutely disgusting.

Tune in tomorrow for the living room!

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