dino love jewlery

It’s no surprise that I love dinosaurs. I have a tattoo of an apatosaurus on my calf. But really, I’d like to take it up a notch and deck my body out in dinosaur bling.

like these over at verameat:

dino love bone – the description says “worn by Miranda July.” I knew I loved her/this necklace/both.

For the water-loving vegetarian:

Elasamasaurus Lochness

And for the hungry carnivore:

dino love

Oh, but woe is me, what a hefty price tag. Hello, etsy [warning, i may have gone a little overboard.]

natural history dinosaur earrings

t-rex skull pendant necklace

triceratops hair pins

darling dinosaur necklace

triceratops brooch [what a great brooch!]

vintage t-rex necklace

gold apatosaurus

As you can see, I’m quite the enthusiast. What do you think? Are the etsy finds a similar cheaper alternative? What ones would you wear?

Also, verameat has quite the selection of monster, vampire, and animal jewelry, and it’s all magnificently done.

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