dear sugar,

I’m breaking up with you.


I’m sick of feeling tired, sluggish, and gross immediately after consuming you.


I’m exhausted from battling my addiction with you.


And I’m annoyed that I’m always grumpy when you’re not around.

So I’m giving you up, at least for two weeks, in hopes that I might have a better relationship with you, once we get back together.

Also, this might be the worst two weeks of my life.

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2 thoughts on “dear sugar,

  1. I know I am about two weeks behind in commenting on this…. but you can do it! And whether you did or didn’t do it, you can do it again! I quit eating sugar for a whole month and somehow it was easy! But then I thought well I’ll just go to one sugar day a week (which is totally possible) and instead of actually trying and setting out my “rules” for this one day a week thing, I have just been eating sugar and candy nonstop. whoops. But you make me want to try again!

    1. lol. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere on your blog that you stopped eating sugar, and that was some of the inspiration for this post. I didn’t make it, but this comment makes me want to try again.

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