an enthusiastic heart finds opportunities everywhere: new year’s resolutions


Yuck, it’s terribly rainy outside, what a way to spend New Year’s Day – stuck inside. But I love the sound of rain and I’ve spent the day with my boyfriend and his parents, and it was a wonderful first day of the year.

Let’s talk about resolutions. My 2010 resolution was to shop locally, and I’m pretty confident I accomplished that goal. Shopping locally is hard to measure, but I bought the majority of my produce from the farmer’s market and the majority of my clothes from secondhand stores.

I’ve really been putting off my New Year’s resolutions, but I guess today is the day. The first one I’m going to tackle in vein of Kendi, is getting over my fear. Hello, I’m chicken. I really let fear stop me from doing a lot of things. I don’t even attempt half of what I’m capable of because I can’t deal with the fear of failure and the fear of uncertainty.

Fear related resolutions:

-Take the GRE.  I’ve been putting this one off for a long time. Although I’m not sure if graduate school is right for me, I do love education and I love being a student. If I ever decide to go back, at least I’ll have the scores to back me up.

– Complete a 5K. I started a beginning running class, but I was to terrified to run the 5K, even though I’ve ran it alone. I panic at thinking about running it in a group and race-style.

Apply for jobs that I want. I tell myself I’m not applying for my dream jobs because I am perfectly happy where I am. The truth is, sure I really enjoy my job, but it’s certainly not a dream job. Although I’m qualified for a lot of desirable jobs, I’m usually too scared to actually turn in my resume. I am fearful of money, moving, and leaving the security of things I know like a good boss, a familiar town, and good friends. Oh, and not getting the job.

Here are other lifestyle related aspirations for this year:

-Leave the plastic behind. Even though I’m shopping locally, it still seems like I’m bringing home a lot of things in plastic. Everything about plastic angers me, and when I’m seen with a disposable plastic item, I am usually embarrassed or ashamed. Those tiny salsa cups at Moe’s? They’re out.  My fifteen minutes of convenience isn’t worth 500+ years of decomposing.

-Meditate often. This first involves figuring out how to meditate and then actually doing it.

– Make money doing something freelance. Whether it’s from this blog or from some other business venture I’ve been considering. I really hope to have multiple incomes one day, and I think this is the year to start down that road.

– Learn to crochet. I just got a how-to book for Christmas.

-Learn to do without. I’m ready to start clearing my life of all of its clutter. This includes getting rid of stuff I never use and refraining from purchasing new things. I watched one too many episodes of hoarders over the winter break.

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