practical christmas gift ideas – active lifestyle

Staying sedentary for too long is terrible for your body. Here are some gift ideas for an active lifestyle. Whether you know someone who loves to work out and stay active, or you’re looking for something for the beginning mover, here are some fun and useful gift ideas.

1. Ballroom Dancing Classes
With dancing competitions dominating the reality TV show category, it’s hard to remember that ballroom dancing is really a classic art. This is perfect for beginners in the active lifestyle, it’s great for any age and fitness category. It’s relatively low impact and lots of fun. Dancing hardly seems like work. Don’t worry about the high embarrassment factor, most dance instructors have seen it all and are prepared to work with anyone with two left feet. What I like most about this gift, is the human interaction that can come along with it. It’s probable you know someone who is interested in taking a ballroom dancing class, but can’t find a partner. Volunteer to be a dance partner to your best friend, grandma, or significant other. They’ll be thankful to spend quality time with you while moving and shaking.

2. Athletic Shoes
This will probably be the only time you’ll hear me ever recommend a gift card, since I think they’re the easy way out. But the truth is, athletic shoes are really expensive. Those devoted to frequent exercise and running probably have to replace their shoes quite a bit. Even a semi-active person probably has to replace shoes two or three times a year.  It might be a nice gesture to provide them with some financial assistance with this. It’s hard to actually buy a shoe for a loved one, because each foot is different and a running shoe that may work for you might not work for your the recipient of this gift.

3. A Tent
I love that a tent can be a second residence. It can be your next weekend getaway, your summer travel plans, or your “let’s camp in the backyard and look at stars tonight.” Tents are your access to lakeside swimming, beachfront camping, mountainous hiking, and whatever other outdoor excursions your have your heart set on. There is something perfectly intimate about sharing a tent with a loved one and braving the elements together. Here’s a tip on tent buying – buy a small one. Really, they’re quick to set up and take down, which can make or break a camping experience (well, that and lack of firewood).

4. A Massage
Honestly, anyone can appreciate this: the over-worked mother, the boss, the boyfriend. However, relaxed muscles are especially important for those who engage in frequent strenuous activity. You can do this one yourself, if you know the person intimately enough. Just look up some tips on the internet before hand. Or you can usually find great deals on 1-hour massages around the holidays.

5. ToeSox Yoga Socks
These things are great for anyone who engages in yoga or pilates. The grips on the bottom keep you from slipping (very useful for hot yoga), keep you warm, and are a hygienic option to the bare foot. They encourage strong feet muscles, which improve balance, circulation, and posture. They can also help with everyday foot pain. They’re also greatly affordable.

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