paige russell’s muzo collectibles

It’s really hard for me to justify purchases of trinkets that are only for seasonal decor. It’s also nearly impossible for me to display anything in my house because of those destructive demons I call cats. But these Muzo Collectibles are rather darling and would make a beautiful display in any home.

They’re made with natural unfinished wood and porcelain.

The whole set includes a sheep, a caribou, and a polar bear. You can also buy these trees that you can assemble yourself.

I also like the choice of animals in this collection. Maybe it’s been a while since my last winter, but I don’t see too many polar bear and caribou decorations, only a lot of penguins and reindeer.

The holidays make me want to slow down and appreciate simple things. The minimalist construction is sleek and clean, it puts me at ease.

What is your opinion on seasonal decor? Is it worth the price?

(via creature comforts, images from paige russell)

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