I’ve been in my hometown for almost a week now, and it’s left me homesick for my own home where my kitties can run free, where i can sew and craft with all of my supplies, and where I can spend time with my partner.

What a perfect replica of where I want to be.

happy together by rosiemusic
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4 thoughts on “homesick

  1. I am so glad you got a silhouette :) how fun!! there are TONS of ideas on what to do with your machine….do you have any projects that you’ve been wanting to do? If so I can tell you how to use the machine to make it easier! If you just want some general ideas feel free to email me :) GOOD LUCK

    1. Thank you! I’m very excited. I’ve been watching youtube videos on how to use it. I think the first project I’ll do is Thank You cards for Christmas gifts. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

  2. Congratulations on your Silhouette!! I am sure you will make some great projects. I would suggest starting with some small ones like labels on glass containers or simple monograms and then working up to bigger more complex projects. Silhouette has a great blog with tons of great ideas too!


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