interruption of dismal days [etsy find]

hello dear readers,

I’m sorry for the hiatus. Has it been a rough week for everyone else? The weather is cycling in strange ups and downs between lovely and freezing. All of my friends seem to be having a very hard time with life right now. It can be overwhelming and heartbreaking to see so many of my loved ones miserable. Although I seem to be prospering where they are struggling, I’ve had my own set of frustrating setbacks, specifically, with this blog. I took my sewing machine to the repair shop, and the mechanic simply said buy a new machine. Needless to say, that’s not what I wanted to hear. And it’s becoming more apparent that my brand new camera has been stolen or hopelessly lost, which means no more pictures of my cute things I have made. However, after a week of moping, I think it’s time to get back in the swing of things. I have tomorrow off of work, and I hope to spend it curled up with a book [Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom] and my adorable cats.

Wonderful Papercut Art by Tina Tarnoff

Strangely, they seem to capture a lot of my moods lately.

Autumn Kiss

Elvira on a Tightrope Necklace

The Lighthouse

The World Tour


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