edible artwork: vegetable recreations of famous art

Check out these cool recreations of famous artwork. What are they recreated with? Veggies!

I love this napa cabbage background. It does look heavenly.

Birth of the Gingerman

What do you think makes up her clothing? It sort of looks gross. I’m betting collards. They’re one green I can’t stand.

Mona Tofu

Look at the detail in this one.

The Kiss of the Radishes

From far away, these leeks can totally be interpreted as brush strokes.

Vincent Van Gogh Made of Leek

Oh, what wonderful facial features.

Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Pickled Cabbage

This is the same face I make when I’m forced to eat sweet potato. Yes, I hate sweet potato. Also, what is making up the blue background? Eggplant? Blueberries?

The Scream of the Sweet Potatoes

Images by Ju Duoqi from her Vegetable Museum Exhibit via Flavorwire

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