the weekender: 10/01/10

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It’s the weekend. I’m very excited and relieved. I’m going home this weekend to spend some time with my parents and the beau’s family. Perhaps most importantly, I’m going to see Cirque du Soleil’s La Nouba show. His parents are taking us. It has been something I’ve wanted to see since I was sixteen. Seven years later, I’m finally getting my chance, and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to spend it with. Since I’ll be having a blast this weekend, I hope you will too. Here are a few fun things to remind you it’s the weekend. It’s time to have fun!

I absolutely adore these cute knitting-inspired cupcakes. It’s the time of the year to start knitting again. Also, any time of the year is the perfect time to have cupcakes.

The best part about these darlings? They’re vegan!
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I’m certainly not claiming any originality on this next one, because these images have been all over the blogosphere. But you need to see the new ikea cookbook Homemade is Best.

Carl Kleiner is the photographer and Evelina Bratell is the stylist for this new style and design concept. Say goodbye to the text heavy books of the past.


makes this

I have a few gripes about this, because I’ve made cinnamon buns many times. My kitchen never looks like someone has set up my food for a photo shoot. It’s more like my food processor exploded. They’re gorgeous bits of food, sure. But the true test of any great cookbook is taste.

I stumbled across Helena Sundin’s paintings a while back and never mentioned them. How pretty, from her Antarctica Series.

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My friend Caitlin over at Hernando House made a cute lamp out of a vase she found at Target. It’s beautiful.

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