DIY madeline costume

Happy Halloween! I made a DIY Madeline costume this year. It really turned out well, considering it was a last minute thing. Really, I officially decided on it on Thursday, after I found a great hat. I made the costume in just a few hours. Also, this is the first ensemble I’ve ever made without a pattern.


That’s the view from my back porch. I love my home. It’s right in the heart of downtown, too. I was remarkably close to running out of fabric for this piece. Here’s a close up of the neckline/scarf.


Close up of the back of the hat. It didn’t have ribbons hanging down from it, so I had to pin some on. You can tell the ribbon is made of two separate fabrics, but it still was cute.


I hope everyone has a great Halloween. I really wish I had some trick-or-treaters, but unfortunately, my neighborhood is too spooky for kids.

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