DIY Infinity/Loop scarf

Let me just say I’m already in love with this project, and plan to make many more in the future. I used a tutorial that Amy did over at H is for Handmade. It was fast and easy and turned out great.


I used a sheer polyester fabric. This is Florida, I’m not desperate for warmth. I’ve been eying a similar scarf (floral and lightweight) over at Urban Outfitters. Hello, $28 (plus shipping.)


Here’s the breakdown:

Price (material and notions): $9, but since I was unclear about the pattern, I bought double the fabric. It turns out, there’s a trick to doubling the length without cutting it. Just fold it and measure out half the length (see tutorial). Long story short, I can make a second scarf and gift it. Who wants one?

Time: It took about an hour, that’s with both the serger and sewing machine messing up.

Likelihood of use: Moderate. I like that it can go into the fall or spring seasons.

3 thoughts on “DIY Infinity/Loop scarf

  1. Heidi — love this. Loving your posts! Thanks for all this.
    AND I’m shameless…so if you do not have a contender for the second scarf, make me one please! I LOVE scarfs. :-)

  2. It turned out just lovely! I am always so thrilled when someone takes an interest in what I do! Thank you so much! Now I know why you wanted something other than a heavy cotton! Florida!! Your scarf is a beautiful accessory where as mine will be a warm necessity! Great job!

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