esty: asparagus love

Did I ever mention that my favorite food right now is asparagus? I’m simply in love with it and crave it every day. It’s always in my fridge. I know it’s not the greenest veggie, maybe in color, but not environmentally speaking since it’s imported from Peru (yikes!). I try to offset that by shopping locally as much as I can. Here are some small, d.i.y. vendors that I would purchase from. Introducing some great odes to asparagus on Etsy:

This crocheted scarf is asparagus colored. I guess It’s supposed to look like asparagus, but I’m not completely seeing that.

via rogue pickle

Here’s another piece of veggie apparel I would sport around town. An asparagus shirt is all I need to confirm my place in the coolest and hippest of social circles. Well, maybe not, but I can’t exactly contain my excitement.

via Ahpeele

Moving on to some prints I expect to put in the kitchen of my much dreamed about farmhouse.

This one is kinda cheating, but I like the balance it provides.

via leaf print studio

This final one is my favorite. I mean, it’s called Asparagus Love, which I didn’t realize was the subject of this post until I started writing it. But look how loving and cozy these asparagus look. That has to be one of the weirdest things I’ve ever said – vegetables being cozy. Regardless, I’m quite charmed by this one. Something about it makes me think of my the way I feel when I’m with best friend.

via butterfly food


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