The Weekender 09/17/2010

Happy Weekend. That’s my darling baby Watson. This is the first weekend in weeks that I’ve been at home. I believe the term is “staycation.” I’m excited for it.

Here are some fun things to look at while enjoying your weekend.

The Art of Doing Stuff has a very simple tutorial on making a personal fire pit. I think it’s very elegant looking. I’d love to have one in my house.

I must be in a warm, snuggly mood, because I was instantly attached to these candles. Fall is right around the corner and that’s the only time you can really get away with lighting candles in Florida.

Via Re-Nest

Jen over at Indie Fixx has a great list of statement necklaces that she found on Etsy. She also shows you how to make your own.

Via Fair Lady Fashions

Apparently the trend this fall is t-strap heels and ankle length socks. I’ve been seeing them everywhere. Tieka was sporting this look on one of her recent posts.

Via her blog Selective Potential

It’s a cute look. But I’m a little bummed about the visible sock thing. I mean, come on, who has the effort to find matching socks in the morning?

Also, my boyfriend was sad I didn’t feature any pictures of my new kitten. So here’s another one.

3 thoughts on “The Weekender 09/17/2010

  1. just to be clear, i believe “staycation” refers to staying roughly in your same location, but doing something out of the ordinary. so my parents just went to stay in orlando for a night to get away (instead of forking over money to drive far/fly somewhere exotic). what you’re doing this weekend isn’t really a staycation. your camping was closer.
    also, i miss you.

  2. I think staycation just means staying at home (or close to home) and doing things you normally wouldn’t, so if you had a house with a guestroom then even sleeping in it instead of your bedroom would even count by my definition. That’s is what Robert & I did on our honeymoon and our week off this year (although we didn’t sleep in our guestroom).

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