Blog Love: Tiny House Blog

Oh, Tiny House Blog you really make me yearn for the simple things in life. Each time I see one of your posts, I think to myself, “I can do it. I can go off the grid.” All I would have to do is buy one of your portable houses and squat on a piece of land in desolate somewhere. Throw away the cell phone and cancel the internet. Is it too much to dream?

Spend a Night in Jay’s Fencl

I mean, really, what would I ever need a large house for? What do I have that I couldn’t fit in a 20 x 20 (or less) space?

The Slabtown Annemarie

This one’s for sale, at a very reasonable price. And it’s portable, as are most of the houses on the blog. How charming is that front porch? The link above also has interior shots.

That Roundhouse

I’ve always wanted to build my own low-impact house. These folks did a quaint and fantastic job.

Mountain Modern Park Model RV

I’ve always been one to defend trailers as suitable places for living. I love the tiny fragments that make up this beautiful mobile home.

Wendell Greenalgh’s Little Idaho House

Oh, please, yes! I want to live in you. This blog also sells floor plans, so you can build your own tiny house. Maybe it will be my next diy project.

All images courtesy of the Tiny House Blog.

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