Aloe juice

Have you ever had aloe juice?

I originally bought for my mother, who has Crohn’s Disease. I got it from health food store. The clerk suggested it as an anti-inflammatory. Just recently I picked some up when I started having back pain.

There’s a lot of stuff on the internet about the health benefits of this juice. I’m a skeptic. But it is rather tasty, and I wanted to share that. I picked up that big gallon at Publix the other day for $6. That’s sort of pricy. There are ways to make your own. However, I’d need a much desired aloe plant.

2 thoughts on “Aloe juice

  1. Hi there Heidi,
    Actually, I think that Aloe Juice may have been something I tried when I was first diagnosed with crohn’s. I think I only drank part of the bottle. I’m sure your mother would appreciate the kind gesture. Apparently a probiotic capsule is a good thing to take too, if you can remember each day to get it out of the fridge.
    I just thought as you mentioned your mother has crohn’s disease, that I’d say Hi. I actually have it myself, although I’ve successfully achieved a state of remission. Let’s hope it lasts. Anyway, if you ever need any help with tackling it, I may be of some assistance. You probably have everything you need, but I’m just in the very least sending my sympathies and best wishes for a speedy recovery. All the best.

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