terrarium forests

Sorry for the lack of posts. I initially thought I’d have a camera by now, but that will have to wait until next payday. Also, I thought the blog would have been redesigned. But that also takes funds and free time.

I’ve been eying etsy for a while looking for inspiration. I love terrariums. Here are a few of my picks.

via WarmCountryMeadows

via liliFunambule

via weegreenspot

via shopterrain.com

As tempting as it is to just purchase one of these beauties. I plan on making my own. I am recently the inheritor of 40 wooden-framed windows. Really, this is a crafting gold mine. Expect lots of cute things in the future (as soon as I get that camera).

One thought on “terrarium forests

  1. OMG – 40 wooden framed windows??? Total gold mine.

    Those terrarium forests are really cute… how are you going to go about making one?

    And if you find yourself having too many frames… I’d totally be up to take one off your hands, or even an arts and craft adventure. I could take pictures!

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