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I was recently given a free lunch box and it changed my life. I was always struggling to find a place for my lunch. The new lunch box resulted in: no more carrying food in my purse (fyi bad idea) and no more oversized reusable grocery bags (that was option two). I didn’t even feel nerdy carrying around a bright yellow insulated box with the Tallahassee Community College logo on it (place of employment). Ok, so maybe it’s a little nerdy, especially since I wear it like a purse. But I’d like to share my joy of the lunch box with you readers. Here are some adorable lunch boxes that will make you feel chic and eco-friendly.

via BonTons

This one is screams “back to school.”

via maddiekayhandbags

Normally I’m not a fan of orange but I like how summery this is.

via KatieKouture

This has got to be my favorite.

via farfallagialla

Right now you’re saying “oh, how cute.” Right?

via Britgaldesigns

This one is simple and lovely.

via BebelooshMini

Forgive me if I’m going overboard on the pictures, but I really couldn’t help myself. Since I already have a lunchbox, I think the reusable sandwich/snack bags are right up my alley.

MojaCreations had too many to great patterns. Here are my two top picks.

I’m a sucker for anything with elephants.

Also this one from Torrilynn123

How cute from GirlSundayDesigns

Oh hey, look at that, it’s lunchtime. Have a good lunch!

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